How would your business be if you made 4x your normal profit in the next 90 days?

Since you are here, you have probably heard my story of how I help trade based business owners 4x their profits in just 90 days, by spending a an hour or so each week, working on specific areas in a trade based businesses that can quickly multiply your profits.

One of the biggest challenges tradesmen have in growing their business is having confidence in the decisions they make, which can be paralysing to their profit growth. The good news is, once you understand a few business basics, you too will be able to make great decisions and know they are right.

Let me explain…

I have been involved with literally 100’s of trade-based businesses for more than 17 years. Over that time, I have discovered that there are only 5 Ways you can grow the profits of any trade-based business.
Just by understanding these 5 Ways, your confidence will sky rocket, so that you never second-guess the decisions you are making in growing your business.

If you have come this far you are obviously pretty keen to also start getting these results in your business. Having been a struggling business owner myself many years ago, I know what it can be like when cashflow dries up and you still need to pay the wages and the mortgage.

This is where I can help you.

On the next page, I want to show you exactly how Brad Edwards from QPT Electrical applied these 5 Ways to his business and grew his profits by 4x in 90 days and now has a business any tradie would be proud to have.

My wish is for you to be able to take these proven 5 Ways so you can start making a lot more money and having more time to do the things you really want to do, after all isn’t that why you went into business for yourself?

When you fill out your details in the boxes below, you will be taken to the site with all the steps (including how to videos) that Brad Edwards took and how he applied these 5 Ways so you can also start creating the business you have always wanted.

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“I literally now make more profits in a quarter than I used to all year. What you will learn in the Profit for Tradies Program will change how you look at your business and help build the life you were after when you started your business”

– Brad Edwards, QPT Electrical, Brisbane


“Since doing the Profit for Tradies Program, we went from a team of 3, each working 80+ hours a week and not making any money to now having 11 vehicles on the road, working no more than 20 hours a week and making profits we would never have dreamed of.”

Michael Mortimer, Express Plumbing Group, Brendale